Street Department

Street Department


Andover’s Street Department is responsible for maintenance of over 58 miles of local streets, as well as sidewalks and drainage ditches throughout the City. The street department strives to make our streets and sidewalks safe for Andover residents in all types of weather.

Other duties include the inspection and maintenance of over 2,400 street signs, 5 signaled intersections, school zone flashers and crossings, right of way maintenance, pavement markings, outdoor city Christmas decorations, as well as snow and ice control. Street sealing is another one of the street department’s many responsibilities during the summer months.

Report Problems

To report problems with potholes or other street related issues in Andover, please call City Hall at (316) 733-1303
To report problems with streetlights, contact Westar by going here

Weather Clean-Up

Unpredictable Kansas weather keeps our street crews busy. The Street Department is the heart and soul of the clean-up efforts and the city applauds their dedication and hard work to break old man winter’s icy grip. Without them our city and our lives would not run quite as smoothly.