Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Andover 2019-2021 Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP)neighborhood revitalization program

 The City of Andover's NRP was approved by the Attorney General in February 2019 and is currently in effect. The program consists of the following details: 

  • Includes primarily commercial properties and the inner core of the City. An interactive map is to the left on this screen. The city limits are noted with redlines and the color shaded areas are qualifying properties.
  • Can benefit existing homeowners. 
  • The program will be effective for homes / businesses that have building permits pulled February 25, 2019-December 31, 2021. 
  • To be eligible, residential projects must be at least $25,000 based upon building permit value. Commercial projects must be at least $50,000 based upon building permit value.
  • The 95% rebate of local taxes will occur for 5 years for rehabilitation or improvement projects. A 45% rebate will last five years for new residential or commercial projects. Thanks to the support of the following local taxing jurisdictions, the rebate will apply to all local property taxes levied by the City of Andover, Butler County, Butler Community College and USD 385. 

 If you have questions about the revised NRP, please contact the Andover City Inspection Assistant at (316) 977-9422 or by email. If you have questions about your property valuation or the property valuation process, please contact the Butler County Appraiser’s Office at (800) 822-6346.