Andover Road Business Improvement Grant

Business Grant Program Deadline April 30

2021 Grant Cycle

In the 2021 budget, the Andover City Council once again included $15,000 to be awarded to the businesses on Andover Road. The goal of the Andover Road Business Improvement Grant Program is to support local businesses through funding for exterior building repairs or façade improvements, to replace legally non-conforming signs, to increase landscaping specifically in areas adjacent to sidewalks, to make ADA compliance improvements, or any improvements to the exterior of the business that makes the environment more pleasant for non-motorists.

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Ready to schedule your pre-project meeting? Call City Hall at 316-733-1303 and ask to schedule a meeting with Justin Constantino, Assistant Director of Community Development.

Questions about the program? Call 316-977-9424 or email Lance Onstott, Assistant City Administrator.

Past Grant Recipients
  1. 2019
  2. 2018
  3. 2017