Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping Program

The Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping efforts focus activities on ensuring that City of Andover facilities, operations and employees are managed in ways that will minimize contamination to stormwater discharges emanating from these facilities.  Facilities may include, but are not limited to, municipally owned or operated buildings, campuses, parks, public works facilities and infrastructure. Various operation and maintenance activities addressed may include, but are not limited to: street and bridge maintenance, road salt storage and application, vehicle and fleet maintenance, stormwater system maintenance, solid waste management, park and open space maintenance and pesticide and fertilizer applications.

City Facility Inspections

The City of Andover Stormwater Department assesses and evaluates our facilities and operations and, if necessary, implements changes to help ensure a reduction in the amount and type of pollutants in stormwater. The Stormwater Department performs self-assessments of municipal operations and facilities at least once every three years.  Extensive guidance documents exist that describe various methodologies and considerations for conducting such assessments.

City Facility Inspections Map

The Stormwater Department maintains inspection results using a public, interactive map.  Click the thumbnail below to explore completed inspection results, including pictures, at various City facilities.

City Facility Inspections Map

Employee Training

In addition to City facilities, the Stormwater Department also provides stormwater awareness and operation training to various departments and employees.  Stormwater Department employees are also consistently searching for continuing education opportunities to expand their stormwater management knowledge.  Tailored trainings are developed for each department in order to ensure that the information, processes and procedures taught are applicable and can be used every day.

Past topics have included:

  • Proper application of chemicals
  • Appropriate grass clippings clean-up, storage and disposal
  • Awareness of soil erosion from disturbed areas and how to mitigate
  • Positives and negatives of various types of BMPs
  • Proper timing of BMP installation and removal
  • When and where to wash City vehicles
  • How to appropriately store materials
  • Effective spill cleanup techniques
  • The use of construction entrances