Legal Notices & Publications


Signing up is easy using the City's Notify Me! webpage.  Use the previous link, and under the News Flash section, sign up for the legal notices and publications you would like to be notified of.  Use these instructions for additional assistance.

ORDINANCEComprise the body of local Andover law which governs the management of local affairs, the conduct of persons, the use of property, and other matters on which the City of Andover government exercises its power.  General ordinances remain in effect until repealed by another ordinance.
RESOLUTIONLess formal than ordinances.  Generally used when (1) required by State statute, (2) when the formality or permanency of an ordinance is not required, (3) when a separately written record is advisable, or (4) when there is doubt that a simple motion of the Governing Body, recorded in the Governing Body minutes, is not sufficient.
PUBLIC HEARINGSA formal public hearing held in order to receive testimony from all interested parties - including the general public - on a proposed issue or action.
OTHER LEGAL NOTICESFinancial reports, specific meeting agendas, and any other item that does not fit within the previous three categories but still requires publication.

To review all previous Ordinances, Resolutions, Public Hearings and Other Legal Notices, please utilize the previous links to the City's Archive Center.

On September 28, 2021, the Andover Governing Body adopted Charter Ordinance No. 25 exempting the City from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-1651 and providing substitute provisions which relate to the official naming of an official newspaper.  On January 11, 2022, the Governing Body adopted Resolution No. 21-02 officially designating the City website ( as the official City newspaper for legal notices that do not require publication in a newspaper of general circulation.  All notices meeting this definition will be published on this page.