Rails-to Trails & Redbud Trail

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Redbud Trail through Andover

The Redbud Trail begins at 159th street and follows the old BSNF railroad line through Andover to US Hwy 54.  Parts of the trail are paved and others are covered with crushed limestone.  The Andover portion of the trail is approximately 6 miles total.  There is a trailhead park located at 1601 N Main that consists of a shade structure and a historical sign, giving users a glimpse of the railroad of the past in Andover. 

Get Involved

Andover Augusta Rail Trail Initiative is the grassroots citizen group that helped create and also maintains the Redbud trail through Andover.  If you’d like to get involved, please contact Byron Rupp the chairperson for this group.  The group is currently seeking donations to help pay for amenities along the trail including benches, signage, trash cans and the like. They welcome any suggestions you may have!

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In the long term, this trail will also connect to the Redbud Trail in Wichita for a total of more than 20 miles of trail once completed.

Surveillance cameras may be used on the trail to protect users and public property.Aarti9