Rails-to Trails & Redbud Trail

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Walk, run or bike, AART (Andover Augusta Rail Trail) is perfect for enjoying the great big, beautiful outdoors!

AART is a 6-mile trail, part of the Red Bud Trail system, that runs from 159th St. East, (1 mile west of Andover), and dead ends at Highway 54/400, (about 4 miles east of Andover). The trail is a mix of concrete and packed limestone surfaces, suitable for walking, running and nearly any bicycle.

It took 10 years to get AART to this point, and it's not done. Funds and plans are in place to extend the trail 4 miles, across Highway 54/400 and on to Augusta! Imagine getting up some Saturday morning and heading out with the family or friends on a safe, beautiful trail. Start with breakfast in Andover and have lunch in Augusta!

Click HERE to visit the AARTI website for more information about the trail including a map of the various entry points.

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