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November 19, 2002



The Andover City Planning Commission met September 17, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at the Andover Civic Center.  Members present were Quentin Coon, Charles Malcom, Clark Nelson, David Ledgerwood, John McEachern, and Dave Martine. Others in attendance were the City Council Liaison Harry Hale, Les Mangus, Zoning Administrator; Jeff Bridges, City Clerk/Administrator; and Deborah Carroll, Administrative Secretary. Members absent were Ron Roberts and Lynn Heath.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Quentin Coon at 7:00 p.m.

Call to order.



Review the minutes of the August 20, 2002 and September 17, 2002 Andover Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.


Motion by Charles Malcom to approve the August 20, 2002 and September 17, 2002 minutes as presented. John McEachern seconded motion. Motion carried 6-0.


Lynn Heath arrived at the meeting at 7:05.


The minutes were reviewed and discussed for City Council meetings of September 10, 2002, September 24, 2002, October 8, 2002, and October 29, 2002. Minutes were reviewed and accepted as presented.


There was no Subdivision Committee Meeting in October 2002.


Review the minutes of the Site Plan Review Committee meeting of November 5, 2002. The minutes were reviewed and accepted as presented.

Review the minutes of the August 20, 2002 and September 17, 2002 Andover Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.




Staff Reports: Les Mangus noted there have been 190 single family building permits issued in 2002, with the number of children per household being reported as .80.


Jeff Bridges asked the Planning Commission to choose a permanent seating arrangement due to the upcoming televising of the meetings. He reported that City Council and Planning Commission meetings beginning in January would be televised live on Channel 7.

Staff Reports:



Potential Residential Development Report: There was general discussion about the information contained in this document. Les Mangus reported that all but 2 of the Subdivisions active in the report are PUDs.

Potential Residential Development Report



Review the Preliminary PUD Plan for the Reflection Lake at Cloud City 2nd Addition (south and east of the intersection of Kellogg and Andover Road) Chris Bohm of Ruggles & Bohm P.A. represented the owner. He provided the preliminary plat and update for the PUD for this piece of ground. There was a PUD that was filed on this land on November 22, 2000. The owner of the ground wants to proceed with the platting of this part of the PUD, which is parcels 6 & 7. Parcel 6 allows multi-family, Parcel 7 allows single family.  The changes Mr. Bohm noted from the original PUD due to the square footage requirement in Parcel 6, 1 duplex lot was lost, and in Parcel 7, two cul-de-sacs were combined and connected for drainage reasons they extended the road on through. This change resulted in 102 lots for Parcel 7. Mr. Bohm promised to provide all the information that Les Mangus has requested. Mr. Bohm has provided a preliminary utility layout map tonight.


Lynn Heath had concerns about sidewalks in this area. Mr. Bohm stated the PUD approved in November of 2000 indicates a 5' sidewalk is needed on both sides of Minneha Street and along one side of each side of each street having a 64' street right of way. There is some sidewalk around the reserve area that is also indicated in the PUD and Mr. Bohm stated they would meet the requirements of the PUD. There was general discussion about street names.


Les Mangus stated he has received letters from South Western Bell and Westar Energy who both reportedly need additional easements and that they have forwarded these requests to Chris Bohm.


There was general discussion about Yorktown Road and whether the cost of completing it would be borne entirely by the other developer on the other side of the hedgerow. Les Mangus said that it would be, just as all of Minneha was paid for in this development.


There was general discussion about the utilities in the back of the lots that back up to that hedgerow on Block 4. Chris Bohm stated there is a 50' drainage & utility easement to preserve the hedgerows, which is one of the requirements of the PUD to keep in tact the hedgerows except for at street crossings. Les Mangus said probably electric and cable TV would be in the back easement.  Chris Bohm stated that on the hedgerow lots the sewer would be frontloaded, and provide for a utility easement along the front. Except for on the lots with 150' depth in which case the owner would have the option of the placement for the sewer.


Chairman Coon asked if there was to be a berm built along the north boundary. Les Mangus stated there is a 130' building setback proposed on the parcel to the north with the PUD. Mr. Mangus further stated that the commercial developer is responsible for the screening.


Lynn Heath asked if there would be any access off of Sierra to Reserve Area E. Chris Bohm stated there is no formal access for to pedestrians platted along that area. Les Mangus stated the way it lines up, the 8' that runs through the reserve will be on the west side of the lake to line up with the first phase of commercial to the north. The first phase of the commercial stops shy of the floodplain and they were required to put a sidewalk in from Cloud Ave. to the south boundary of their property. Les Mangus stated it had to be built before the next phase of housing and that this is the last phase of residential, so it will have to go in now. Everything to the west of the plat submitted tonight has already been developed. Les Mangus said that the entire sidewalk is in Reserve E and connects to the commercial to the north of it. Chris Bohm read from the original development plan (Item 7 under General Provisions) which stated that the sidewalk through Reserves G & E from Cloud Ave. and terminates at Minneha Ave.


Chris Bohm stated that Reserve F will be a detention pond and the triangle area will be greenspace. Lynn Heath was concerned about which side of Reflection Lake Street the sidewalk would be on. Les Mangus confirmed the sidewalk would be built along the north side.

Les Mangus stated that Reserve G is between Phase 1 and Phase 2 & 3 of the commercial. The existing lake is in Reserves E & G.


John McEachern stated he would like to see a walkway to connect and run down Reserve F from Minneha to the property line at the shopping center. Les Mangus stated that area is all private property and that this issue has already been to district court. Cloud City Preliminary PUD in Lakeview Heights in-between lots 8 & 9 there is a 20' drainage easement.


Keith Zinn stated that it is all community property in Lakeview Heights on each side of the lakes and there is a drainage easement that goes down the middle and the outside areas of the lakes are all easement areas as far as a park areas for citizens that live in that area. The drainage that comes down there from the north goes between lots 8 & 9 and there is a 20' easement for the drainage. Les Mangus asked Chris Bohm if Reserve F was a part of Reflection Lake at Cloud City First Addition.


There was general discussion about the development of Yorktown Street.


There was general discussion about the Planning Commission setting standards for plan approval. 


Les Mangus read General Provision number 12, which states "the improvements required will be determined during the approval of each final PUD for each phase of the overall development. Upon the occupancy of 51% of the overall residential lots and the release of the homeowners association to care of the occupants, the developer shall install 3 picnic tables, 3 benches, in Reserve E and release the said reserves to the care of the homeowners association". The sidewalk is noted in Provision 7 " A 5' sidewalk shall be provided on both sides of Minneha and on one side of each street having a 64' right-of-way. An 8' sidewalk shall be provided on the west side of Yorktown on one side of Cloud Avenue and through Reserves E & G connecting Minneha Ave. to Cloud Avenue".


Lynn Heath made a motion to concur with the revisions proposed on this Preliminary PUD with the noted changes of the names of the following streets: to continue Reflection Lake Road to Yorktown, and Hedgewood will replace Sunrise and Sunrise Ct. Then to include the Staff comments A-5, B-2, C-4, C-7, D-2, D-3. Charles Malcom seconded the motion. Motion carried 7-0.


There was clarification as to Sunrise Ct. being re-named, as Hedgewood Ct. There was general discussion about lot size

in this PUD.  Les Mangus stated he requested minimum and average lot sizes are to be noted on the plat. Chris Bohm stated they met the requirements of the original PUD, which is 7,800 minimum square foot lots. He stated there are larger lots in the multi-family area and along the south.

Review the Preliminary PUD Plan for the Reflection Lake at Cloud City 2nd Addition



Discussion on R-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts. Les Mangus referred to the memo from Bickley Foster with his suggestions:

1.      Leave the standards "as is" and continue to monitor the situation.

2.      Change the Zoning Regulations to the proposed 12,000 sq. ft. for R-1 and 8,000 sq. ft. for R-2

3.      Leave both or one zone the same and create one or two new zones to the desired lot sizes.

4.      Raise the densities in the R-1 and R-2 zones, but set a threshold requirement whereby PUDs are required for larger developments.

5.      As part of the updated comprehensive plan process, conduct a household survey to determine the satisfaction of property owners in current PUDs with special attention to the issue of lot size.


Harry Hale explained that this issued failed with the city council because of timing. Mr. Hale abstained from voting because he was not finished with his discussions with the City Staff. He further explained he did not understand why City Staff and the Planning Commission supported this issue so strongly. Mr. Hale further encouraged the Planning Commission to continue their hard work on this issue to proceed with the goal of having a clean, beautiful community we all can be proud of. 


Les Mangus encouraged the Planning Commission to set policy concerning greenspaces and their use, versus making a "new deal" on a case-by-case basis. There was general discussion about future developments and options for managing them.


Dave Martine asked Les Mangus what the status is on the Standards Committee. Mr. Mangus said there has been nothing done. 

Discussion on R-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts.



Member Items: Dave Martine asked to have other cities surveyed for a report at the next Planning Commission meeting to find out:


·        How many single-family residential zones they have.

·        Minimum lot sizes for each zone.

·        Whether they utilize PUDs.

·        If they have standards for parks, open spaces, sidewalks, and landscaping.

·        When was the last substantial revision to the regulations governing single family residential development.

Member Items:



Adjourn: Lynn Heath made a motion at 9:45 to adjourn the meeting. John McEachern seconded the meeting. Motion carried 7-0.








Deborah Carroll, Administrative Secretary