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1. How do I provide feedback (Positive or Negative) about an employee of the Andover Police Department?
2. How many officers does the Andover Police Department have?
3. What are the minimum qualifications to become a police officer for Andover.
4. What hours are the police department open?
5. What is the curfew in Andover?
6. Where and how can I pay for a ticket?
7. Does this police department permit citizens to ride with police officers?
8. What can I do about traffic concerns in my neighborhood?
9. How do I get a Protection from Abuse (PFA) or a Protection from Stalking (PFS) order?
10. What are the rules for restricted driver’s licenses?
11. I have an old cell phone that no longer has service can I still call 9-1-1?
12. Why do I sometimes get asked to hold when I call 911?
13. Do we provide fingerprinting services to the Community?